Save up with your daily purchases

Save up easily with the new “Pay & Save” Service, while making your daily purchases using your debit card.

For every wish they may have…
New yellowkid Savings Account  

  The account bears an attractive interest rate for the kid’s savings, it rewards regular saving with yellows and offers yellow welcome gifts to the kid!

Now your personal loan can be “downloaded” from the comfort of your own home.

Piraeus Bank, launches the first online loan. Apply online and disburse your loan by visiting winbank.​

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Don’t let your heating costs scare you!

Pay them off in up to 9 monthly free instalments with Piraeus Bank credit cards!

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New Personal loan, e-loan by winbank

Now you can have a Personal loan without visiting the bank branch and earn 20.000 yellows!

OnLine username reminder

Did you forget your Username for winbank?

Don’t let your heating costs scare you!

Up to 9 monthly free instalments with Piraeus Bank credit cards!

e-Academy training programmes

Do you want to gain expertise in Digital Marketing and e-Commerce?

Earn 5% for AVIN heating oil!

Earn 5% for the purchase of AVIN heating oil with Piraeus Bank credit cards!

Consent management at winbank

Declare or change your preferences to stay informed for products and services.

Check easily your debit card transactions

At winbank web banking you can easily check your debit card transactions.

Deposit Account Online Opening

The account opening is now simpler and easier than ever!

Advanced search tool for searching transactions and products in winbank

In order to find easier and faster whatever you need!

Online process of password reissue and online unlock to winbank

Follow the steps one by one and within a few minutes the process will be easily completed.

winbank mobile app (New)

New payments & transaction shortcuts.

Settle your tax related obligations in instalments!

Pay your taxes with your Piraeus Bank credit card in up to 12 interest free monthly instalments.

Do It Yourself Time Deposit

Along with the interest you receive, you also earn yellows!

10% discount on hotel booking!

With Piraeus Bank cards and at more than 300.000 accommodation worldwide!

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Transactions security


winbank recognizes the importance of security in electronic transactions and takes all necessary measures, by applying the most modern practices


New winbank mobile app

​​Your banking experience is renovated to new levels, in order to perform all transactions on your smartphone device, with simplicity, security and speed that only the new winbank mobile application can offer!
Available to download for Apple and Android devices.