Business Debit Card: The card that “works” for your business!

A useful tool for your business needs.

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​​​We open the doors to the growth of your business.

We keep supporting the investment plans of the NSRF beneficiaries through flexible financial solutions and the Piraeus Epixeirein 360° package.

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Business Financing – Entrepreneurship Fund II

Being part of the evolution of each small and medium enterprise.
Piraeus Bank participates at the Entrepreneurship Fund II, managed by Hellenic Fund for Entrepreneurship and Development (ETEAN SA).

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New 360° FUNDING portal

Visit our portal at and find out, in a quick and easy way, the funding programme that best suits your business.

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Trusted beneficiaries

Designate beneficiaries as trustees and conduct your transactions faster than ever before!

Important changes in card transactions!

Important changes in card transactions, based on the new European Directive (PSD2) for payment services

Mass payments (remittances and transfers) to your suppliers and/or your employees

In order to achieve complete automation of your transactions.

Flexible winbank alerts packages

Get information about your banking transactions without making a move.

Approval Workflows via winbank web banking

You may set up the access and administration parameters per user and transaction!

New winbank for Business functionality

Please be informed on winbank for Business new functionality

Bank in Office

Deposit your company’s cash collections from your office

Export Support Campaign

We support Greek businesses to expand their export activities


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Transactions security


winbank recognizes the importance of security in electronic transactions and takes all necessary measures, by applying the most modern practices