Piraeus4All service

​Piraeus4All service offers you the capability to perform all kinds of payments that concern your business, in an easy, fast and uniform manner. The type of payments supported include:

  1. remittances in Euro and foreign currency to other banks in Greece and abroad
  2. money transfers to own or third party accounts of the same currency, held within Piraeus Bank
  3. bill payments using reference codes (payment codes) to cover your obligations towards Organizations and the Greek government
  4. payroll payments to your company’s employees holding payroll accounts in Piraeus Bank

The service gives you the following options to create mass payments and payroll files:

Through the special menus of Piraeus4All service in winbank

Two distinct menus are available for managing your mass payments that give you flexibility and a range of options:

  • Payroll Payments menu
  • Mass Payments menu

The user-friendly menus of Piraeus4All service offer you the following capabilities:

  1. To create Payment/Payroll lists with the most frequent payments of your company, for quick and easy execution of repeating transactions
  2. To submit Mass Payments/Payrolls in order to be executed by the Bank, either using the lists you keep in winbank either through a new online import of payment data
  3. To monitor Mass Payment/Payroll processing status either per  file or per transaction through “Execution & Monitoring of Mass Payments/Payrolls”  menu, of files created and/or submitted through winbank for execution by the bank.

Through your ΕRP based on technical specifications provided by Piraeus Bank

If you have an ERP where all payment/payroll data are kept and you wish to optimize it to achieve full automation in your payments process, Piraeus Bank provides the technical specifications to produce mass payments/payroll files in an automated way.

In order to produce Piraeus4All mass payments & payroll files, you need to develop an application to your ERP according to the following technical specifications:

Implementation Guide ISO 20022.


Scheme files

Specifications & Supplementary Documentation

For your safety, Piraeus Bank requires the encryption of your mass payments files. The supported encryption method is based on the PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) standard.

Encryption Guide (Greek only currently)

Test Environment Public Key

Production Environment Public Key

After producing the mass payments & payroll files through your ERP, you have the following options:

  1. To submit your file to the Bank through the respective Mass Payments/Payroll submission menu in winbank
  2. Το submit your file to the Bank through sftp server
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