​"ATTENTION. IMPORTANT NOTICE!!! - Piraeus Bank will never ask for your security codes and your personal data, through an email or sms. For more information, find out more here​​​"​

Remote Banking Service for Personal Banking customers

Piraeus Bank offers you the unique experience of a comprehensive remote service through video conferencing!

​​​​​New service for an aggregated view of all your Banking products

You may add payment accounts and cards held on other banks, in order to have an aggregated view of all your finances from one point, at winbank.

Now you can receive  your Portfolio Table following simple steps through winbank.

The Portfolio Table is given for every legal use.

​Via winbank you can acquire a credit card easily, quickly & simply.

Acquire the credit card that suits your needs, without visiting a branch.

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Enjoy unlimited gaming & yellows!

Get digital content codes for gaming through winbank, from 19/04 to 19/05/21 and earn up to 1000 yellows!

Our news

Update your personal data through gov.gr

Now you can update your personal data by using your taxisnet codes, quickly and by following simple steps.

New functionality: Portfolio Table

Now you can receive your Portfolio Table following simple steps through winbank.

New payment cut-off time

Now you can enter your payment order* and be executed the same day, until 22:00 !

New remittance service: Instant Payments

Make your payments to third parties instantly, within 10 seconds!

My payments

Execute your most frequent payments easily and quickly

Information on fraud via Mobile Phone / Computer & "SIM Swapping"

Learn more about Mobile Phone/ Computer fraud protection & the "SIM Swapping" fraud typology.

New service for an aggregated view of all your Banking products

Now, you can have an aggregated view of your finances, from one point.

e-card: Acquire a credit card via winbank, easily and quickly.

Via winbank, acquire the credit card that suits your needs, without visiting a branch.

Detailed POS/ePOS transaction information

At winbank web banking you can find detailed POS/ePOS information per batch

Settle your tax related obligations in instalments!

Pay your taxes with Piraeus Bank credit cards in up to 12 interest free monthly instalments.

Identification at gov.gr via winbank credentials

Issue documents online easily and quickly!

Activating “Spending Goals”

How can I activate “Spending Goals” and set my own spending goals?

Section “My expenses”

What is the section “My Expenses” and how can I monitor my expenses at winbank?

Trusted beneficiaries

Designate beneficiaries as trustees and conduct your transactions faster than ever before!

Important changes in card transactions!

Important changes in card transactions, based on the new European Directive (PSD2) for payment services

New Personal loan, e-loan by winbank

Now you can have a Personal loan without visiting the bank branch and earn 20.000 yellows!

Online process of password reissue and online unlock to winbank

Follow the steps one by one and within a few minutes the process will be easily completed.


How it works


winbank offers new tools that enable you to manage your financials better, monitor your daily expenses and set saving goals for the future.


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Find answers for the most frequently asked questions, organized by topics.

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Transactions security


winbank recognizes the importance of security in electronic transactions and takes all necessary measures, by applying the most modern practices


winbank mobile app

​​Every day banking with your winbank mobile app. Use winbank mobile app to manage your finances, monitor your daily expenses and your own savings goals.
Moreover, winbank mobile app is enriched with a new functionality, winbank pay *, your digital wallet. Activate winbank pay and make contactless payments easily, quickly and securely with your cards in retailers with contactless symbol, just by using your mobile.

*compatible with Android 5+ devices supporting NFC.