Now your personal loan can be “downloaded” from the comfort of your own home.

Piraeus Bank, launches the first online loan. Apply online by visiting winbank.​

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Earn 10% in yellows at Τ! ​

Make purchases, worth 50€ or more, 01/07 - 31/07/2020 at, using a Piraeus Bank card participating in the Program and earn 10% of your transaction value in yellows!            

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​Important changes in card transactions

Important changes in ​E-Commerce transactions with cards due to new European Directive (PSD2) for payment services. 

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Get 15% discount on your car insurance by ERGO Insurance until 31/7! ​

Earn up to 20% in yellows on WIND OFFERS at WIND stores! ​​

Visit the participating WIND stores, 01– 13/06/2020, purchase Smartphones, Tablets & Accessories using Piraeus Bank cards participating in the Program and earn up to 20% of your transaction value in yellows.

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Identification at via winbank credentials

Issue documents online easily and quickly!

Activating “Spending Goals”

How can I activate “Spending Goals” and set my own spending goals?

Section “My expenses”

What is the section “My Expenses” and how can I monitor my expenses at winbank?

Trusted beneficiaries

Designate beneficiaries as trustees and conduct your transactions faster than ever before!

Important changes in card transactions!

Important changes in card transactions, based on the new European Directive (PSD2) for payment services

New Personal loan, e-loan by winbank

Now you can have a Personal loan without visiting the bank branch and earn 20.000 yellows!

Online process of password reissue and online unlock to winbank

Follow the steps one by one and within a few minutes the process will be easily completed.


How it works


winbank offers new tools that enable you to manage your financials better, monitor your daily expenses and set saving goals for the future.


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Find answers for the most frequently asked questions, organized by topics.

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Transactions security


winbank recognizes the importance of security in electronic transactions and takes all necessary measures, by applying the most modern practices


New winbank mobile app

​​Your banking experience is renovated to new levels, in order to perform all transactions on your smartphone device, with simplicity, security and speed that only the new winbank mobile application can offer!
Available to download for Apple and Android devices.