New Personal loan, e-loan by winbank

​E-loan by winbank is an innovative consumer loan which is exclusively available online through winbank web banking. Νo visit to Bank’s branchs is required in order to fulfill your application. The only thing you should do is following 3 easy steps, via winbank web banking, submit your application for your loan any time and the approved amount will be disbursed immediately.​

  • Loan amount: From €500, to €15.000.​
  • Interest rate: Variable nominal rate currently 10,95%​
  • Loan term: From 6 up to 84 months
  • Loan approval fees : €200​
  • 20.000 yellows with the disbursement of the loan (This award is for the Members of yellow Rewards Program)​

Throughout the process you will be fully informed via sms to your mobile as well as with winbank notifications. 

Requests are evaluated in accordance with the Bank's current credit policy. (Overall APR): 13,05% for 10.000€, total term 72 months, 200€ fees , current variable rate, which is the sum of the Base Consumer Loan Rate (BCR), currently at 11.10%, plus a spread of (- 0,15%) readjusted based on the fluctuations of the Euribor 1M rate. This readjustment may also differ by + 0.5% in addition to the fluctuations. Interest rates are also subject to the Law 128/1975 levy. Today it stands at 0.6%. ​     

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