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The management and protection of the website user personal data are governed by the provisions of the legislation in force, regarding the protection of personal data, the decisions of the competent Authority and the present terms.

Piraeus Bank S.A. (4, Amerikis str., + 30 210-32 88 000) will keep in a file and process any website user personal data that shall come to its knowledge, taking at the same time  all necessary measures to safeguard the confidentiality of such information.  Therefore, these data are never disclosed to third parties, unless required by Law and / or the competent Authorities. The processing of such data by Piraeus Bank shall take place for communication, statistical or historical purposes and in order to improve its services, and to that end the user provides his/her consent, which is presumed to exist solely for the use of the website and also applies to any processing of user data by companies associated with Piraeus Bank. Unless a contrary instruction is given, Piraeus Bank is also entitled to use the personal data of users for purposes of advertising and distance promotion of its, as well as its affiliated companies’, financial products and services.

 In case that Piraeus Bank website users are redirected to websites of third parties through special links (links, hyperlinks, banners), Piraeus Bank is not responsible for the management and personal data protection policies they have. Any natural person, to whom the personal data refer, has in any case the right, under Article 12 of Law 2472/1997, to know if such data are or have been processed. Moreover, the person has the right, under Article 13 L. 2472/1997, to object at any time, regarding processing data concerning him/her.

Cookies’ Policy

Piraeus Bank can collect data to identify visitors/users of its website, using relevant technologies such as cookies and/or monitoring Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

Cookies are small text files which are sent and stored on your computer or other device you may use to access internet, each time you visit a website, without gathering any document or file on your device.

The present website uses cookies for several different reasons, and mainly, in order to facilitate website user’s access to certain services provided through it. It also uses cookies for statistical purposes (number of visitors and frequency of visits, interest of the website users in Piraeus Bank’s products and servicesetc).

Furthermore, third providers, including Google, may either store or recognizespecific cookies at the web browser of the visitor.
The visitor of the website may at any time select to be excluded of the use of cookies as described above, by changing its browser settings.

A visitor of the website can set his web browser so as to be alerted when cookies are being used, or even to “block” cookies. For this purpose, he should follow the instructions provided by his web browser or click on “Help” menu for further details on the said options.
It should be noted that not accepting the use of cookies may restrict Piraeus Bank’s ability to provide certain services.

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