Mass payments (remittances and transfers) to your suppliers and/or your employees


​For those of you who manage a significant volume of payments in Greece and abroad, Piraeus bank offers ​

  • the e-PPS mass payments service (automatic extraction of a specially formatted file based on the functional specifications provided by the Bank) and ​
  • the e-PPS SEPA mass payments service (file creation through an application offered to you free of charge by the Bank).

The file can include repetitive or several individual payments to accounts held within Piraeus Bank and to accounts held to third Banks.

When the file is created, you can send it to the Bank through winbank by selecting PIRAEUS CASH menu:
 -Select the e-PPS Credit Transfers screen
 -Choose the file using the button “Select File”
 -Select the button “Submit” in order to complete the downloading

For more information you may contact your nearest Piraeus Bank branch or you may call 18 28 38 or 210 328800​0.




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