Approval Workflows via winbank web banking


 ​Only the users you authorise may have access to perform transactions via winbank, depending on the amount and type of transaction. You may also set an extra condition, requiring approval from multiple authorised employees or executives within your company. ​

Customisation per user and transaction​​
When you subscribe to the service, we will assist you to set up the access and administration parameters per user and transaction via winbank.​

​Email notifications​​

Email to the authorized users for pending transactions that require approval. ​​

User combination for performing transactions​​

To complete monetary transactions, you may set a condition for actions by a combination of authorised users. This approval mechanism requires actions by multiple users with different approval levels. ​

​Combination of two factors for identity authentication​
For certain actions or transactions, the system itself may require a two-factor authentication. The second factor is the 6-digit extraPIN you will receive via SMS on your mobile or by using the extraPIN generator device. ​

​In order to obtain the Approval Workflows service, please visit a Piraeus Bank branch.

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